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Experience your dream of flying an airplane

in virtual reality



  • We are Closed for the short-term
  • We are an entertainment location located at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (Atlanta, GA) that allows non-pilots and pilots to fly civilian and military aircraft in virtual reality simulators.
  • Our goal is to excite and empower flying enthusiasts to get into the virtual air and love flying.
  • We have two virtual reality simulators called NPDK1 and NPDK2 both running ‘Digital Combat Simulator’ and ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.’
  • Our FlyTopPilot application will allow you to sign-up, find available dates/times, pay, and then review our various flight experiences.
  • A ‘SIM Instructor’ will be present to assist all SIM pilots with flight operations, troubleshooting, and provide recommendations.  All of our SIM instructors are pilots or in the aviation field.
What to expect as the VR SIM pilot in command
  • You are in control of the airplane (up, down, left, right, and power on/off)
  • Pilot a variety of civilian or military airplanes (Digital Combat Simulator for military aircraft or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for civilian aircraft)
  • Experience the latest technology with a VR headset, flight controls, and computer
Exciting for beginners to seasoned pilots

Are you a flying enthusiast and always wanted to pilot an airplane?  Are you a licensed pilot and always wanted to fly different airplanes?  Then FlyTopPilot’s VR SIMs can help fulfill your dreams.  We can place you in the captain’s seat of general aviation, commercial or military airplanes.  Dog fight a friend or fly in formation.


Pictures of the Virtual Reality Simulators called NPDK1 & NPDK2

Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Bring the ‘Love of Flight’ to everyone

Provide customers with the most realistic flight experiences for entertainment and training

Service ◇ Respect ◇ Honesty ◇ Empathy ◇ Adaptable

FlyTopPilot Story

Hi, my name is Ed. I’m a private pilot and started flying in high school. I have loved flying and aviation all my life. I see the empowerment and joy piloting an airplane brings to the pilot and I want to bring that to the public.  Adrian, Fred, and I along with our team of SIM Instructors (many are pilots themselves) want to empower flying enthusiasts (non-pilot and pilots) to get into the virtual air and love flying.

SIM Pilots in Action

Try takeoff and landings in Atlanta (KPDK) or try a more difficult task on a carrier.

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SIM Pilot Testimonials

Simulator Software Pictures

These images above courtesy of Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)

These images above courtesy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020