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COVID  and General questions and answers


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How do we ensure the safety of our staff and customers? You are the best defense against COVID-19.  If you or any of your guests are not feeling well please cancel your experience for a full refund.  (Email us at
What is the limit for people in the FlyTopPilot space? We limit the people in our space to a total of 4 at any giving time. Other guests may wait in the hallway or in the Globe Building’s lobby.
How and when is the VR SIM cleaned? The entire VR SIM is cleaned with medical-grade disinfecting wipes after each SIM Pilot and at the end and beginning of the day.

General FAQs

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What is a VR SIM? A VR SIM is our state of the art virtual reality simulator (VR SIM). Each static VR SIM takes one SIM Pilot at a time as the pilot in command of the airplane.
What is a SIM pilot? A SIM Pilot is what we call our customers that fly our VR SIMs.
How does a flight experience work? A flight experience is reserved ahead of time or can be purchased at our location if a VR SIM is available.
How many SIM pilots can use a flight experience? That answer is based on the duration of the flight experience. For a 55-minute experience 1 to 2 SIM pilots and for a 110-minute experience 1 to 4 SIM pilots.
How old can you be to fly? You must be at least 10 years old to fly the VR SIM.
Can I reserve a SIM? Yes, all VR SIM experiences must be reserved and paid for ahead of time.  Walk-ups are allowed and we will ask you to register, reserve, and pay via the desktop or app.
Can I pay with cash? We only accept major credit cards via our secure SquareUp connection.
What airplanes can I fly right now? You can select from experiences with the military’s F/A-18C Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, P-51 Mustang, and A-10 Thunderbolt. More aircraft coming soon.
What simulation packages do you work with right now? Today, we work with Digital Combat Simulator (military) from Eagle Dynamics and Flight Simulator 2020 (civilian) from Microsoft.
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