Flight Waiver

FlyTopPilot Flight Waiver (v10-29-2020)

At FlyTopPilot our goal and wish are for each SIM pilot flying our VR SIMs to have a positive and memorable experience during your time with us.  We want to highlight a few items below per our terms.

  • Virtual reality simulator (VR SIM) is very safe but a percentage of the population may have physical issues with VR. These issues may range from a mild upset stomach to disorientation.  If at any time you feel you can no longer participate in the VR session, please STOP and REMOVE the VR headset.  Inform your SIM Instructor of the issue.
  • Your rental time of the VR SIM is dedicated for you to enjoy the aircraft simulation flight experiences. Please be aware that this rental time does include the time it takes to load the simulation software and time to load the various flight experiences.  We will make our best efforts to ensure we minimize that time as much as possible.
  • At FlyTopPilot we take the safety of our STAFF and CUSTOMERS very seriously. We have strict protocols and processes concerning COVID-19.  Those include limiting the number of people inside the location; everyone inside the location must wear a mask; we offer hand sanitizer to all; we use medical-grade disinfecting wipes between each SIM pilot session to clean all equipment including but not limited to: the VR headset, seat, and all control surfaces.  Please note: “UNDER GEORGIA LAW, THERE IS NO LIABILITY FOR AN INJURY OR DEATH OF AN INDIVIDUAL ENTERING THESE PREMISES IF SUCH INJURY OR DEATH RESULTS FROM THE INHERENT RISKS OF CONTRACTING COVID-19. YOU ARE ASSUMING THIS RISK BY ENTERING THESE PREMISES.” HB359 Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act.
  • All the guidance and instruction provided apply only to the VR SIMs and are for entertainment purposes only.
  • For security and quality purposes the retail office is under video recording

 By acknowledging this waiver and indemnify FlyTopPilot and staff.